The season kicks off and we’re thrilled to have Mannie back in action!

And were off!!! So far so good, all the horses are going well and glad to be back out doing what they enjoy!

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce our team of staff for this season. Kiri Snell has been with us since June 2011 and she brings her horse “Taz”. Rowan Collins has been with us since October 2011 and she brings her horse “Uno”. Jessica Brooks has
also been with us since October 2011 and she brings her horse “Kevin”. Georgina Milsom has been with us since November 2011. We are really looking forward to working with this team of Staff for the 2012 competition season.

We have slightly less horses this year which has given us the time to be able to look into a new business venture. Over the last few months we have been busy creating The “With Taperz” video training series – we have done a lot and are still doing a lot of filming ready for the launch at Badminton!

Jenny Waaler’s Inonothing (Mannie) is back and firing on all cylinders he has had three outings this month starting with Tweseldown OI where he seemed a little ‘shell shocked’ to be out and on grass but produced a good double clear that left him in 6thplace. He then went on to Aldon AI where he looked much more at home and turned a lot of heads and finished in 2nd! He then travelled up to Belton to contest in the Grantham Cup CIC*** where he was solid in all 3 phases and showed how experienced he is. Paul came off the XC with the biggest smile saying how awesome he was. It must be lovely to tackle a big XC course on a horse so experienced and one that you know absolutely inside out! He finished in 2ndagain and is now well and truly ready for Badminton at the end of April.

Captain Fred and Penny Barker, Vicki Mace-Bensons’ and Georgina Tapners’ Wickstead Didgeridoo (Balloo) produced a very good dressage test and a great XC round at Tweseldown but in the show jumping he decided that Paul really didn’t know what he was doing and that he would take charge, resulting in 2 rails down to finish in 9thplace. Next time out at Aldon AI Balloo was much better behaved and on the same wave length as Paul so it looked better in the show jumping but unfortunately still 2 rails fell! Finally at Belton in the Advanced it all came together with a good dressage and a classy double clear for 6thplace and only 3 penalties off the leader!

Captain Fred and Penny Barkers’ Kilronan (Tom) started at Tweseldown where he did a lovely 27 dressage, one rail show jumping and was clear XC to finish in 4th. He then went to Aldon for the Advanced Intermediate class where he was a little tense and excitable all day, but still produced a consistent performance finishing 10thin a hot field. Tom then stepped up to the big time
with a run in the Belton House Grantham Cup CIC***. This is only the second time he has competed at this level and after a good dressage, he made a couple of unfortunate errors in the show jumping but certainly made up for this by flying around the influential XC to move up to 12thplace out of 103 starters!!

Peter and Libby Saugmans’ Caicos (Cai) is making a late start to the season following some enforced time off, he is now in trot work on the roads and keeping the girls well and truly on their toes!!

Sally and Colm McGinns’ Indian Mill (Monkee) had a great start to his season and is proving what a classy horse he is going to be with TWO WINS from two starts! His dressage has been very impressive this season scoring 25 at Tweseldon and 23 at Gatcombe. He also produced two lovely double clears at each event. He now has one more novice start before making the step up to intermediate.

Angela Scott’s Carlito (Carlo) is looking forward to starting his competition season in April at Larkhill. He is feeling fantastic and has much more body strength this year following a winter of road work.

Robbie and Mandy Burn’s Yogi Bear (Yogi) has enjoyed coming back in to the job of Eventing after a good season hunting with the OBH and Mandy. He had one run this month producing a good 29 dressage, one rail show jumping and a leisurely XC to get him back into the swing of things again.

Jane Gwillim-Davids’ Supreme Watts (Dai) is still proving to be a real character! We spend half the time watching this little horse in amazement as he does fantastic dressage work and jumps some spectacular show jumping rounds and the other half in amazement as to how Paul has managed to stay on him as he bounces up and down not sure what aerobatic trick he’ll perform next! He has had two starts this month, the first at Tweseldown for a very creditable 9thplace. He then went to Somerley Park for another novice run where he did a solid double clear and finished in 4thplace. He is now set to move up the grade to Intermediate next month.

Jenny Waalers’ Boomerang (Boo) has been enjoying working at home with the odd show jumping and XC outing. His dressage and XC is going really well but he is tending to get in a muddle with his front feet when show jumping! Only problem is he just keeps jumping higher and higher with his back feet so its quite spectacular to watch! His first 2012 outing will be Larkhill BE100 in April.

Ian Murray’s Inishmor (Hamish) joined our team around Christmas time following a career in racing. He is really starting to come into his own and very quickly learning his new trade! He had his first Eventing competition at Somerley Park BE100 and produced a good dressage, one rail down in the show jumping and an awesome bold XC round and really enjoyed his new career.

Georgina Tapners’ Wickstead Ulara (Lara) has had one run this month at Gatcombe novice where Lara was convinced she was late and was in a rush! She managed to just about contain herself in the dressage and did a beautiful show jumping round if a little quick resulting in one down, but as usual stormed around the XC again trying to be a little too fast, so George kept the hand break on for this run.

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