Rosettes for every horse this month!

We have had a great July with EVERY team horse coming home with a rosette!! This also leaving Paul ranked 4thin the country half way through the season and Mannie ranked 12thand Kilronan 18th out of the top horses!

Jenny Waaler’s Inonothing (Mannie) had enjoyed a short holiday and now has come back into work ready for Burghley at the end of August.

Captain Fred and Penny Barker, Vicki Mace-Benson’s and Georgina Tapner’s Wickstead Didgeridoo (Balloo) enjoyed anouting at Hand Equestrian Centre where he came 2ndin the Newcomers. Balloo then started off his autumn campaign at Aston Le Walls Advanced where he did an awesome double clear to finish in 3rdplace. Balloo then trekked 8 hrs up to Scotland to the CIC*** at Hopetoun where after a good dressage test, he jumped an awesome clear show jumping round inside the time (of which there were only about 5 in the class; him and Caicos being 2 of them!) and stormed around the XC in deep mud finishing in a very creditable 2ndplace behind Kilronan.

Captain Fred and Penny Barker’s Kilronan (Tom) also enjoyed some Show Jumping practice at Hand Equestrian Centre where he WON the Newcomers finishing just in front of his team mate Balloo – not the last time he would do that he would do that this month!! He headed then to Aston Le Walls for the advanced where he proved he was back on form as he led from start to finish to WIN the class. Tom then also headed to Scotland and produced the most magnificent dressage test really showing what a classy horse he is. He scored a 40 and was in the lead by just over 4 points after the dressage! Tom then had one rail down, but this still left him in the lead after Show Jumping. He then stormed around the XC to finish on the fastest time of the day and he WON his class by a country mile again in front of his team mate Balloo! Both Tom and Balloowill now spend some time working at home preparing for a run at Wellington advanced before heading to Blenheim CCI***.

Peter and Libby Saugman’s Caicos (Cai) jumped at Hand Equestrian Centre also in the Newcomers and finished in 4th. Giving Paul 1st 2nd and 4th in this class not bad for an eventer against proper showjumpers!!Caiwent to Aston Le Walls to do the 8/9 yro advanced class, he was a bit fresh in the dressage, not scoring the greatest mark but held his own in the jumping to produce the most fantastic clear Show Jumping and a fast clear XC meaning that he finished in 3rdplace in this very large class. Caijoined Balloo and Tom up in soggy Scotland for the CIC*** at Hopetoun. He again got a little flustered in his flying changes in the dressage, so he was again playing catch up after the dressage phase. But Cai’s strongest phases were still tocome and he produced another smashing double clear, storming round the XC for the 2nd fastest time of the day leaving him in 5thplace. Cai now heads to Hartpury where hegoes down a level to gain a CCI** qualification.

Sally and Colm McGinn’s Indian Mill (Monkee) Just had the one run this month at Aston Le Walls intermediate. He produced a good dressage but unfortunately became a little distracted in the ShowJumping ring (he did this earlier in the year in the same ring!?) so he lowered 2 show jumps. He then stormed round the XC and finished in 5thplace pointing himself in to Advanced points which is amazing for a 7 year old horse!

Angela Scott’s Carlito (Carlo) has run 3 times this month and we finally have got the measure of him in all 3 phases! He is such a happy bouncy person and can’t always control himself! He started off at Tweseldown where he produced a good dressage just one down Show Jumping, with a clear and fast XC leaving him in 2ndplace. Carlo then went to Aston Le Walls Intermediate and produced an amazing dressage scoring a 22! Unfortunately he had 2 rails down in the Show Jumping but he stormed around the XC and finished in 3rdplace. He joined his stable mates for the long drive up to Scotland to compete in the CIC**. He again produced a lovely dressage test scoring for 2nd place after the first phase. He then produced alovely double clear but had a few time penalties due to the thick mud but finished in a very good 3rd place meaning a 1st, 2nd,3rd, 5th success rate up in Scotland and netting just under £3000 in total prize money – a worthwhile trip foreveryone!!

Robbie and Mandy Burn’s Yogi Bear (Yogi) is back in work and heads to Somerford on the 17thAugust.

George and Jean Tapner’s Pioneer Milly (Milly) started her eventing with our team with a BANG! She produced a lovely dressage and a double clear for a WIN at Tweseldown BE100 at the beginning of the month. She then went to Dauntsey and also produced a good dressage and a double clear to finish in 3rdplace. She runs novice next time at Sapey in August.

Jane Gwillim-David’s Supreme Watts (Dai) has had a frustrating month as he went all the waydown to Devon to chase a Gatcombe Novice National Championship qualification, which after producing one of his better dressage tests and a lovely double clear he managed to gain, only for Gatcombe to be cancelled a few days later, grrrrr!!! But we have been informed that this qualification will stand for next year. Dai then went on to compete at Aston Le Walls Intermediate for a creditable 10thplace. Jane would like to sell Dai (I think he would really appreciate a smaller rider even though Paul loves riding him!) so if anyone knows of any gutsy small riders he would be cracking! He goes on to Somerford to try to gain his CIC**qualification next month.

Jenny Waaler’s Boomerang (Boo) got worked a little harder this month due to his antics at Stonar last month and it seems to have paid off! He produced a much better dressage and only lowered 2 poles in the Show Jumping at Tweseldown where he also did a lovely XC round. Boo then went on to Dauntsey where he was even better again! Getting a 31 for his Dressage, only 1 rail Show Jumping and a clear XC. With the deep mud he went slowly, but he did finish in 10thplace – at last a rosette!!

Ian Murray’s Inishmor (Hamish) has now well and truly settled in at novice level. He started off the month at Tweseldown where he just ran slowly but did a lovely clear XC. He then went onto Dauntsey and produced another amazing DR for a 25! He did have couple of show jumps down but was awesome and fast XC so finished in 2ndplace!Hamish should find the show jumping easier next year, as he strengthens, its easy to forget he has only just changed careers and last year he was a racehorse!

Georgina Tapner’s Wickstead Ulara (Lara) went to Dauntsey novice where she behaved in all three phases for a double clear Georgina started off slowly on the XC to make sure that the gallop training had worked and that newly lined brakes were working, part way around the course it was clear Georgina was happy with the brakes and finished muchless pale than she started the day and with a smile on her face!

Paul and Georgina Tapner’s Wickstead Hermione and Wickstead Octavia are turning in to lovely horses they have just had the one run at BE90 in the 4 year old class at Dauntsey. This was a really tough XC track which didn’t seem to faze Hermione but Octavia got her feet in a bit of a muddle twice but it was so tough very few 4 yro got round! So they finished in 3rdand 6threspectively and Hermione has qualified for the 4 year old championships at Osberton later in the season.

Grant and Sarah Hancox’s Up in The Air (Harry) have just joined the team this month. We would like to welcome them to the team and look forward to Paul and Harry’s debut at Somerford later this month.

Nicola Golding’s Douwe S (Nigel) has also joined the team this month. Nigel is only 4 years old and will join the other 4 year olds at Hartpury BYEH class and then hopefully Sapey BE90. We would also like to welcome them to the team.

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