Team Tapner Academy

What is Team Tapner Academy?!

Paul and Georgina have taken the last couple of years to take a back step out of the rat race of competition life and have enjoyed pursuing different things. One thing they have particularly enjoyed is helping their daughter Madison. Maddie is a very keen horsie teenager and while they have been helping her they have realised that having two parents know so much about her chosen passion is an advantage. The thought has come to them that why should Madison be the only person to benefit from their knowledge and connections and they would like to offer the help to other keen competitors or like minded people.

Paul and Georgina would like to start the Team Tapner Academy with the aim of enrolling a number of like minded students. These can be people of any age, however, we have found from the private mentoring that under 14 is too young for the teenager to understand the seriousness and cope with the level of what we are offering. Those over 14 will need to have a good understanding of competition life to have the maturity to get the most out of what we can offer. Most importantly any applicant must have the desire must be to be the best that they can be!

These riders must be competing at at least 90cm competitively and striving to go upwards towards international level. Grassroots and unaffiliated is not their speciality so although they can help you privately or in clinics, these aims are sadly not for the academy.

Initially there will be no membership fee for the academy and it will be very much ‘pay as you go’. The membership is yearly and will run March 2021 to March 2022.

Sadly applications for this year are full we will be enrolling again in January 2022.

Each member of Team Tapner academy will essentially benefit the more they become involved.

There is still the opportunity to train with Paul and Georgina, without being involved in the academy and with out being a rider, please do email [email protected] for more information.

Things for now that you can get involved with.

Training sessions either as a group or privately. For group sessions and private clinic dates keep an eye on here, on our social media outlets and subscribe to our mail outs.

Video, on line check ins. Including on line lessons.

Organisation of activities. Do you live in a different area and want to organise a clinic? Get in touch.

Training Camps x 2 a year opportunity for them to be residential.

Telephone consultations – Discussions about your horse or you as a rider. In regards to advice, competition campaign ideas, bitting, feeding etc

Parental help and guidance.

Guidance for competition campaigns and aims.

Stable management sessions.

Help at competitions where mutually convenient.

Possibility of course walks at bigger events.
Organisation of other named riders or high profile trainers sessions.
Organisation of Physio / veterinary / fitness / nutritional, lectures and clinics.
Help to plan for the future for young up and coming riders in regard to how to attract sponsors and owners.
Advice on buying a horse etc
Career opportunities.

Base with us? We can offer a range or DIY/full/part livery with onsite help. Contact us for more information.

Can I get involved?

Paul and Georgina’s speciality is affiliated competition, working with horses above 90cm working upwards towards international level. You do not have to be a rider or have a competition horse, but to be a member of the riding part of the academy you will need to be competently competing at 90cm looking like you could have the grasp of an international 2* or national novice with in your minimum reach. This could also be a rider showing the ability on a young or green horse (or a pony)  that has the ingredients to get there eventually aiming towards JR or YR.

To be a non-riding member you will need to have a knowledge around competition type horses at all levels, be focused to be the best you can be and have a desire to be among the best. You will need to be surrounded by competition horses regularly and be involved in their competition planning in order for the academy to be of benefit to you.

The talent and level limit has no end, Paul and Georgina have both trained and won at championship level and trained riders to these levels. We would like to think that the chosen combinations of horse and rider will in the future take their skills on to represent their country at international level at at least 2* level (national novice level) may be even junior or young riders or 4/5*.

If you do not compete at this height or have aspirations to compete above this height, but want to be involved Team Tapner will be running webinars and clinics which will be open to all. We can still offer advice and recommend instructors that can help you and you can still have lessons with Paul and or Georgina, but not as a ridden combination under the banner of the academy.

You can be a non-riding member – why would you do this? Well there are plenty of people involved at the top of the competition world that do not actually ride! Some grooms do not ride, many owners do not and then of course there is the vast amount of Equine health professions too! And people who operate competitions. You may even be a parent that needs guidance for your child/children. We can introduce you to likeminded people or offer advice on many situations which may be beneficial across different platforms. You may also wish to come to training sessions on foot to expand your knowledge without putting your foot in the stirrup!

You will need to be surrounded by competition horses and play a part in their planning or be going down a route where your profession will enable you to.


To Become A Member

You will need to fill out the application form and send it back along with some video footage and photos of you riding if you are wanting to be a riding member otherwise some examples of the level you have worked with horses.

These will be assessed and once approved, you will be invited to become a member.

You will then need to sign the code of conduct for complete acceptance.

We hope you are as excited about this new venture as Paul and Georgina are!

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