Disappointment at Burghley

Jenny Waaler’s Inonothing (Mannie) had a disappointing Burghley, he excelled himself in the dressage nailing all 4 changes and finishing on a score of 45.3 in 12thplace. The dressage is Mannies weakest phase due to it being very unnatural to him, but he really tried his hardest so we were all thrilled. However the joy turned to a strange disappointed feeling when Mannie misread the ‘Trout Hatchery’ early on the course and tried to put in two strides making it impossible to jump. Paul decided to retire him on course 2 fences later and save him for Pau 4* at the end of October. We are all relieved that Mannie is ok and is able to continue but still obviously feel very disappointed not to beable to capitalise on the great start he had in the dressage phase. But onwards and upwards!!

Captain Fred and Penny Barker, Vicki Mace-Benson’s and Georgina Tapner’s Wickstead Didgeridoo (Balloo) has had just one BE event this month at Wellington where he was a little fresh in all 3 phases. He didn’t really disgrace himself but just could have done with a run a week earlier. He had one rail SJ and a clear XC for 11thplace in the advanced section at Wellington. Balloo now heads to Blenheim CCI*** next month.

Captain Fred and Penny Barker’s Kilronan (Tom) also just had one run this month at Wellington advanced where he produced his first double clear of the season and was immaculate in all three phases for 3rd place in a highly competitive advanced section. He also now heads with stable mateBalloo to Blenheim CCI***.

Peter and Libby Saugman’s Caicos (Cai) had a successful Hartpury gaining the qualification that was the main priority for this event. However, unfortunately he injured a front leg in the process and it has been decided that Cai’s legs cannot cope with the strains put on them in the XC phase. So he will change careers and hopefully become a pure show jumper as he really is quite phenomenal in this phase.

Sally and Colm McGinn’s Indian Mill (Monkee) headed up to Somerford Park CIC** in the middle of this month where he put in a good performance all round for 9thplace. Monkee then went on to the all new Wellington for an Open Intermediate. He did a lovely dressage despite pulling off a shoe at the beginning on the first centre line entry! He then did a lovely double clear inside the time finishing in 2ndplace behind another fellow 7yo horse; Persimmon with Kitty King AGAIN!

Angela Scott’s Carlito (Carlo) went to Hartpury CCI** at the beginning of the month. He decided he would give Valegro a run for his money and piaffed the whole way through his dressage test!! Unfortunately the judges didn’t require that at this level so he didn’t score too well! He did however produce a great XC round and just had one showjump down on the final day. This great jumping effort wasn’t able to pull him up into the prize money but we did all forgive him!Carlo unfortunately overreached and bashed into his front leg so he is needing to have a little bit of time off for all the bruising to settle down meaning he probably won’t be back out again this year but he will be ready in time to do a winter of dressage practice!                                                              

Robbie and Mandy Burn’s Yogi Bear (Yogi) headed to Somerford Park open intermediate for his first run back after his holiday. He produced a good dressage but unfortunately he was a little rusty in the SJ so he rolled 2 poles but was clear XC. He did however pick up some time as Paul was not too sure on his fitness and it was along hilly course. Yoginext went to Wellington and did another good dressage test, just rolled one pole SJ and stormed round the XC inside the time to finish in 9thplace.

George and Jean Tapner’s Pioneer Milly (Milly) has been subject to cancelations losing her runs at Homme House and then Sapey. She did then unfortunately manage to bruise her foot jumping on a stone while XC schooling but has had the all clear now and is back in work again. She now heads to south of England Novice in September.

Jane Gwillim-David’s Supreme Watts (Dai) has had a great month! He headed up to Somerford to the CIC** his first time at this level, also his first time in a big international arena and his first time staying away from home. He was great he did a very acceptable dressage gaining a mark of 53, just rolled one unlucky pole in the triple and then stormed round the XC inside the time! This meant he got his qualification result and some prize money as he ended up 23rdout of over 150 starters!Dai then also went on to Wellington where he also had a stonker of a performance. He did a great dressage and a classy double clear for 4th place in an intermediate section.

Jenny Waaler’s Boomerang (Boo) has fallen victim to the weather and cancellations this month so unfortunately has had no runs, but he has continued his training at home which will have done him no harm at all.

Ian Murray’s Inishmor (Hamish) has also been a victim of cancellations missing out on Homme and Sapey. But we managed to get him a last minute run at Milton Keynes novice. Hamish arrived at the event in a very bad mood! He did his best to try to ruin the dressage but the judge saw through it and saw what a lovely test it was really and gave him a 29 which he then managed to finish on to WIN the class!!

Georgina Tapner’s Wickstead Ulara (Lara) has been sold! We wish her all the best in her new home.

Paul and Georgina Tapner’s Wickstead Hermione and Wickstead Octavia unfortunately missed out on their planned competitions too, but they did manage to get a BYEH qualifier in. Both of them were fantastic and got very good marks for their jumping but unfortunately not great marks from the dressage judge so neither qualified. They are now having a short break.

Grant and Sarah Hancox’s Up in The Air (Harry) has had a great start joining the team, he went up to Somerford to contest an Intermediate. He produced a good dressage followed by 2 poles down SJ but was clear XC and finished in a very creditable 8thplace. Harry then went on to Wellington where he did a fantastic dressage of 27 and a great double clear inside the XC time to finish in 2ndplace.

Nicola Golding’s Douwe S (Nigel) has had great time learning all about XC and hereally is getting the hang of it and showing that he enjoys it. Unfortunately Nigel missed his only run this year due to Sapey being cancelled. But he did go to Hartpury for the BYEH where he was a little wobbly but will have gained masses of experience. He is having a short break and will then come in to enjoy some Autumn hunting with Paul.

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