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 Jenny Waaler’s Inonothing (Mannie) has had a month of training with show jumping lessons with Ros and some XC schooling sessions. He next heads to Little Downham to contest the Advanced competition.

Captain Fred and Penny Barker, Vicki Mace-Benson’s and Georgina Tapner’s Wickstead Didgeridoo (Balloo)  had an annoying Blenheim he produced a good dressage for him at this level, but then the wheels seemed to fall off XC when Paul and Balloo had a miscommunication on the number of strides in a combination fence. Although Balloo tried his hardest to jump he jumped Paul out the saddle and even though Paultried to hang on he couldn’t so he had a rider fall which is instant elimination. We decided that we would take Balloo XC schooling and enter him to an Open Intermediate at the south of England. Here he produced a beautiful dressage test for a 30.5 and a great clear show jumping. Unfortunately this competition fell foul of awful weather and the XC was abandoned. It was still decided that Balloo would go on holiday as he had gone well schooling and really he needed a break. He will holiday until the start of November.

Captain Fred and Penny Barker’s Kilronan (Tom) went to Blenheim CCI*** at the beginning of this month and produced a fantastic performance in all 3 phases. He did a lovely dressage test and strong bold XC round with just one quick decision near the end where Paul decided the light was a bit wrong at the coffin combination so he decided to go long giving them just a couple of time penalties but finishing in 6th place over night before the Show Jumping. Tom then produced a lovely clear round and managed to move up one place and he finished in 5thTom is now on holiday at the Barkers and will return to work at the end of October.

Sally and Colm McGinn’s Indian Mill (Monkee) has had a quiet month with just the one competition the Open Intermediate at Gatcombe.  Monkee was great in all phases but unfortunately just tipped a show jump down meaning another 2nd place! Although he seems to be stuck as a bridesmaid in the later half of the season, no one minds as he really is so consistent.

Angela Scott’s Carlito (Carlo) is still off games but will be starting walk work again at the beginning of November and ready to start his dressage training after Christmas.

Robbie and Mandy Burn’s Yogi Bear (Yogi) Joined Monkee at Gatcombe in the Open Intermediate, although he had a good dressage and XC Yogiunfortunately had 2 show jumps down so was out of the placings this time. However the following week Yogi moved up a level to CIC** at South of England so he could regain his advanced qualification. Yogiexcelled himself and did a good dressage to finish in 3rd place over night. He then stormed round the XC with only a handful of time penalties to remain in 3rd place going into the show jumping. Yogi rose to the occasion and with Mandy watching through her fingers, her beloved hunt horse jumped a clear and finished in 3rd place. A great achievement for a horse that is not designed to be an event horse! He now heads out to do his no. 1 job which is hunting with the Old Berks Hunt.

George and Jean Tapner’s Pioneer Milly (Milly) had a great run at South of England where she stepped up a level to Novice. She did a lovely dressage test and a double clear. She was in the lead right up until the last two horses went round and then she got pushed down to a creditable 3rd place.

Jane Gwillim-David’s Supreme Watts (Dai polo) had another good month. He went to Gatcombe for the CIC** where he did a nice dressage test but in our eyes was harshly marked. He then did the most amazing double clear. Being first to go in the show jumping meant he had a large audience watching and he really did turn some heads. Due to his fantastic run at Gatcombe Polo has now been sold. It is a real shame to lose such a talented horse off of the team, but we know he will be great for his new owner and he will be grateful to have a smaller lighter rider on his back!!

Jenny Waaler’s Boomerang (Boo) at last had a couple of runs the first being at Purston Manor where he had a good dressage with just one rail show jumping and a clear XC, but he had a few time penalties so was out of the rosettes. Boo also ran at Berkshire College where he did a nice dressage, had just the one rail show jumping and was clear XC finishing in 9th place. Boomerang has one more competition left but will remain in work to do some dressage over the winter with George to help strengthen and straighten him.

Ian Murray’s Inishmor (Hamish) went to Gatcombe and had a great day where he finished on his dressage score of 29, which as he was in the super competitive Open Novice section, meant he finished 5th, but he was by far the least experienced horse in this section. Hamish then went to South of England to compete in his first CIC*. He did a lovely dressage test to be in 2nd place over night. He had one rail show jumping which moved him slightly down the order, but he did a good strong clear XC leaving him to finish in 8th, which is a super performance in his first international competition. Hamish really is becoming very classy to watch and we are very much looking forward to pushing him up the grades next year. He is now on holiday until the end of October.

Paul and Georgina Tapner’s Wickstead Hermione and Wickstead Octavia are back in work just schooling at home with a little bit of show jumping training ready for next year when they are allowed to compete fully.

Grant and Sarah Hancox’s Up in the Air (Harry) went up a level to CIC** at Gatcombe. He did a good dressage test scoring 48 which is a excellent mark for his first attempt at this level. He then did a good double clear and finished 24th just inside the prize money in this very large class. Harry then also went on to South of England to again compete in the CIC**. He did another consistent dressage test and again produced another double clear to finish in 7th place which gave everybody something to smile about and offer much excitement for his future Eventing career.

Nicola Golding’s Douwe S (Nigel) is coming on really well Paul has enjoyed doing some Autumn Hunting on him and he has gone off the yard for some show jumping practice.  Nigel is really starting to mature and get on with his job, we are looking forward to next season after he has had a break and been allowed to have time to think about all he has learnt and all the things he has seen in the last couple of months.

Martin and Suzie Belsham’s Boston JRP (Boston) has joined us for the end of the season to finish off with a crash course of BE100s with Paul.Boston is VERY talented but VERY clever at dictating to his rider which way and where he would like to go! Although I have to say I think we have an easier ‘troublesome child’ as Tom McEwen and Tin Tin Belshamhave done most of the hard work! Boston went to Berkshire College and produced a good dressage and a double clear to finish in 2nd place, which was a pretty amazing way to join the team!

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