Webinars and Training with Team Tapner and the Tapner Academy

If you would like training please do get in contact.

Paul and Georgina are available for private, group or clinic tuition in all 3 disciplines. We do also offer on line mentoring and video reviews. [email protected]

We have some great short video lessons as well as our webinars available to purchase and download, follow this link to find them.

Whats coming up

21/4/21 @7.30 pm = Stop Watch Webinar

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5/4/21 @ Wickstead HorseplaySJ Clinic

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Stop Watch Webinar.

Eventing without a stop watch is a guessing game with many events won and lost due to time penalties.

Join Team Tapner Academy on line and we will talk you through how to use your stop watch to your advantage, how to work out minute markers and discuss the latest technology out there to help you work out how to come in ‘on time’!

When; 21/4/21 @ 7.30pm

How: go to our website and click on clinics and webinars. Follow the link to book.

You will be sent a Zoom link on the day of the webinar, please check your spam folder if you haven’t received it or call 07899897022 for any problems.

How much: £10 TTA MEMBERS £12.50

What do you need: It is better, but not essential, if you have your stop watch with you. We use an Optimum time stopwatch, others are available but any stop watch that you can read while riding at speed is fine.

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Show Jumping clinic

Wickstead Farm Equestrian Centre

5TH MAY 2021

Now we are back out and about this is a chance to tone up those SJ skills.

Timings can be later into the evening now we have the daylight.

Please write in the notes your time availability.

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 Paul Tapner

Level 1 International Coach, International Event Rider, Winner at all levels of Eventing & Pony Club UK Training Committee Member.

 Group lessons of up to 4  riders, for 1 hour 15 min sessions, in the 50m by 70m HorsePlay arena, with a full Show Jumping course set. Primarily working on rhythmical course riding.

Group sessions must be 90 – 100 or 100 – 105+ level.


Paired 1 hour session or private 45 mins can be any level 80cm – advanced.

£45 TTA members per person                        £50 non members

Private 45 min session £80                 *Paired 1 hr session with your own partner £120

Including arena hire, but not including booking fee.

Please write on your entry your level please note group sessions are for 90cm upwards paired or private are 80cm + please include any other relevant notes such as the time you can be available.

Times will be posted on our website no refunds once times are published.

*there is a possibility that we can partner you up with a pair, please email and we will be able to let you know.

Spectators welcome to learn from the side £12.50 TTA members £15 non members, limited numbers so acceptance is on a first come basis (not including parents or drivers etc but people who actually want to stand in with Paul and be involved).

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If you would like training please do get in contact.

Paul and Georgina are available for private, group or clinic tuition in all 3 disciplines. We do also offer on line mentoring and video reviews. [email protected]

Terms and conditions for clinics

  1. Horse/Pony sports are dangerous. Neither the Tapner Eventing Team (Paul, Georgina or anyone acting on their behalf), nor the landowner can accept any liability for loss, damage, accident or injury to any persons, horses or property.
  2. Personal Injury and Equipment Insurance Notice; The venue / instructor /Team Tapner (Paul, Georgina or anyone acting on their behalf) or Horse-Events Ltd do not insure the rider, your horse or your tack and equipment. You are strongly advised to have in place your own adequate personal accident insurance at all times.
  3. The Venue/ Horse-Events Ltd and The Instructors will not be held responsible for any accident, injury or loss to any person or their property however this may be caused.
  4. Any equipment, even if advised by Paul, Georgina or a representing body, is used at your own risk.
  5. Helmets and other safety equipment must adhere to the standards used in Affiliated competition (BSI Kitemarked, SEI ASTM F1163 04a onwards and SNELL E2001). You are strongly recommended to replace your hat if damaged or following a fall.
  6. Wearing a body protector of the correct standard (Level 3) is compulsory when riding XC
  7. Each rider is advised to have their own personal accident insurance, Paul, Georgina or anyone acting on behalf of Team Tapner Academy or Tapner Eventing team cannot be held responsible and all taking part is done so at the riders own risk.
  8. It is noted that Eventing and training with horses is a particularly dangerous sport.
  9. Your tack and equipment must be well-fitting and safe. Further guidance can be found in the BHS handbooks, or ask Paul or Georgina.
  10. It is compulsory that every person entering a Team Tapner Academy lesson who is under the age of 18 years of age is accompanied by a responsible adult.
  11. Anyone going an online webinar under the age of 14 must have an adult present.
  12. The Management of the venue or Team Tapner reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the venue / course / webinar at any time without giving a reason.
  13. You note and accept there will be a no medical or veterinary cover on site.
  14. All horses/ponies must be over four years old.
  15. In the event of a cancellation, entry fees will be returned less £5 admin fee is retained.
  16. Withdrawals: entry fees are non-refundable after 72 hours prior to the event OR once the times are done. Before this time  entries will be refunded less £5 admin fee any course booking fee will be dependable on each venues rules.