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The “With Taperz Training Series” is a video based training series covering a wide range of topics within Eventing. The With Taperz Training Series is available for digital download from The HorseHub App for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches.

The With Taperz Training Series has been launched with over 30 short videos that are short single topic specific instructional videos.

You can download every British Eventing Dressage test and have a video lesson on how to ride and learn each dresage test With Taperz. These individual dressage tests are amazing value for money at only £1.49 per lesson video, just a tiny fraction of the price of a real face to face lesson, that you can repeat over and over as many times as you like on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

The With Taperz Training Series will be ever expanding, perhaps you’d like to email us with a topic suggestion of your own!

In addition to the British Eventing Dressage tests, the With Taperz Training Series Titles that are currently available for download through The HorseHub App are:

How to Ride & Train Ditch Jumps With Taperz

How to Ride & Train Water Jumps With Taperz

How to Ride & Train Banks, Steps & Drops With Taperz

How to Warm Up Effectively for XC With Taperz

How to Walk Jumping Distances With Taperz

The Rider’s Jumping Position For Safety & Effectivness With Taperz


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